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BelgicaPeriodicals is currently unavailable. The ICT department is doing its utmost to solve the problem.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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The portal BelgicaPeriodicals gives you access to journals and periodicals published over four centuries, from to the present day.
Thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process, you can now perform a full-text search in pages preserved in the Contemporary Prints, Rare Books and Music sections of KBR.

Note: to search the newspaper collection, please visit www.belgicapress.be.

Unlimited access for scientific research or illustration for teaching

Titles that have been published up to 1918 are freely accessible. The same goes for the titles subject to copyright for which KBR has the consent of the right holders.

Remote access to the entire digitised corpus – without any restrictions – is only possible for scientific research or illustration for teaching. For this, please log in with your MyKBR account.

You also have unrestricted access on KBR's premises and through the networks of universities, colleges and research centres that have requested it.

Author's rights at KBR

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